Who is Digital Jolt
Digital Jolt was founded in 2015 by Jon Finegold a Boston-based entrepreneur who has worked with dozens of start-ups, helping launch companies that have grown all the way from the idea stage to hundreds of millions of dollars in collective valuation.  

Who we work with
We’re Boston-based and work with companies who are ready to grow. Many of our clients don’t yet have a full-time CMO and look to us to fill that gap. Others have a CMO but need additional resources to take the lead on specific pieces of the overall go-to-market strategy.

Why we created Digital Jolt
Marketing has changed. The most successful companies of this new tech era have found ways to market organically, leveraging network effects, social media, partnerships, natural search and influencers in new ways. They’ve created billions of dollars of value without spending on traditional advertising, and we believe those techniques can be applied to almost any business. In order to stay in front of today’s crazy pace of innovation, marketing now requires a unique mix of creativity, mathematical measurement and an understanding of technology and where it’s headed. Modern marketing programs include things like building widgets, plug-ins and even websites and apps. Marketing strategy needs to be involved in product design and development to best leverage in-product opportunities for organic growth. And marketing programs include tying into other platforms, specifically social platforms, where your audience is already spending time. In all cases, marketing involves data. There’s so much data available today to help make decisions, that if you’re not building a culture of measurement and taking advantage of that data, it’s going to be impossible to make smart decisions about where to invest your resources. After all, marketing is a portfolio that needs to be actively managed. Digital Jolt is all about bringing together technology, math and creativity to design and lead strategies for growth in the modern era.

Our network
We’re well connected with the top talent in Boston and elsewhere and bring in the right resources as needed.

  • Visual and product designers
  • The top video production teams
  • The finest writers
  • A large network of developers who can build sites, apps and add-ons
  • Search engine and social marketing managers