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Email marketing experts

Email marketing is both an art and a science. There's an art to crafting the right messages that will jump out of the clutter of today's inbox and a science to knowing when to send, how frequently and how to measure. There are fantastic tools available today to help automate and track programs but those are useless without the right content and a strategy to actively manage each campaign.  That is where Digital Jolt can help.

We are email marketing experts and can:

  • Develop powerful email copy
  • Design and develop landing pages and associated offers
  • Manage email and marketing automation systems
  • Analyze and fine tune
  • Report on campaign success

what makes a powerful email campaign

  • Articulate a clear value to each unique audience- Don't assume everyone will respond to the same emails.  Grouping by industry, geography, job function and more can help target campaigns to offer unique value to each group.
  • Keep it short and simple.  No-one has time to read your long essays.  Each email should have a clear, concise message. If you have several things to say, consider breaking the messages up into multiple emails to form a story.
  • Clear calls-to-action. What do you want the reader to do when the read the email? Download something, fill out a form, buy from your online store, share to their friends?  Have a single, easy call-to-action for each email.  

  • Clean design. Complex email designs don't work well across all email clients and often hide the message.  Clean, simple emails tend to work best.

  • How to increase open rates. No-one is going to take an action unless they open the email first. Subject line, sender and time/day sent are the variables that impact this most. Send from a person vs and come up with a powerful subject that will stand out.  Try different subjects and different times of day until you find the optimal combination.

  • Report.  Most email tools offer reporting on opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. But track all the way through the funnel by adding tags to URLs so you can see what happens after they click.  Measure success, not clicks. 

Let Digital Jolt help implement, customize and manage your email marketing campaigns and systems.