Have large files you need to search and analyze quickly - we can help

We turn large, messy data files into answers.  

  • JSON
  • CSV 
  • LOG Files

Often the problem isn't access to data, it is simply how to get quick answers to important questions without kicking off a giant IT project.

That is where we come in. We can take your data in almost any format, clean it and import it into a searchable system and provide simple views so you can quickly answer the questions that matter to you most.  

Do you have large JSON or CSV files that you simply cannot view EASIly?

  • We can move the data automatically from your systems into a hosted database (no IT necessary).
  • We will write the queries to get to the answers that you need
  • We will provide a simple user-interface so you can access the data any time without jumping through hoops

Let Digital Jolt be your partner in turning those large JSON and CSV files into the insights and answers you need. If you don't have a data team or you have one and they are overbooked, let us be an extension of your team to help get insights quickly.

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