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Mautic and Marketing automation

Marketing automation with Mautic brings together several important digital marketing functions into a single platform:

  • Prospect and contact management 
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Email campaigns
  • Social promotions
  • Analytics and reporting

By bringing these functions together it helps marketers operate more efficiently and have incredible insights across their entire marketing investment. Digital Jolt brings expertise in marketing automation and we are particularly fond of Mautic. Because it's open source, Mautic can be deployed very cost effectively and provides a lot of flexibility for future expansion and integration.  We'd be glad to speak with you about how marketing automation can work for your business and whether Mautic is the right fit for you.

why mAutic?

  • It's open source. Open source has its pros and cons but for marketing automation, it makes a lot of sense. For one, this is a rapidly evolving space and so leveraging the active community of Mautic developers who are continually improving the platform and adding new integrations brings new value to all users of Mautic.  Also, open source means no lock-in.  If down the road it makes sense to choose a different platform, you have access to all your data and even the code so you can move to a different system.  That is not as easy with proprietary platforms.
  • User interface.  Mautic is one of the rare open source platforms that has put a lot of thought into creating a modern, easy-to-learn user interface.
  • Email marketing and nurture campaigns. Email remains one of the most effective tools for marketing and Mautic has great tools to design and implement email nurture campaigns to convert cold leads into warm conversations.  

  • Forms and landing pages. Nothing is more important in digital marketing than a high conversion rate on landing pages.  Having custom landing pages that are tied to specific audiences and actions with easy, clear forms will improve conversion rates dramatically. Even a 1% improvement in conversion rate can drive down the cost-per-lead dramatically.  

  • Analytics and reporting. Marketing has become a data-driven science. Effective digital marketers measure everything so that you know exactly what you're getting out of your marketing investments. 

Let Digital Jolt help implement, customize and manage your marketing automation systems.