Salesforce administration and reporting

Let's face it, Salesforce CRM is a must have for most companies and has become the de facto standard for managing leads and prospects. The platform and its associated ecosystem is incredibly powerful but it's also a beast. Because it does so many things and can be customized so much, it has also become very cumbersome to use and to manage. Sometimes just getting the answer to a simple question can take hours or even days and if you don't set the system up properly and put clean data in, then the whole investment won't provide the value it should. That's where we come in.  Digital Jolt is a data-driven agency that can help manage your Salesforce and other sales and marketing tools for you. We're your helpdesk that is on call to help you operate Salesforce and other important sales and marketing tools.

  • Create custom reports and dashboards.

  • Day-to-day administration of users and roles.

  • Data cleaning and data augmentation.

  • Integration with other important services.

  • We act as an extension of your team to ensure smooth operations but at the fraction of the cost of an internal employee.

Let Digital Jolt manage your Salesforce and other marketing operations tools for you. 

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